Best Places to Visit in Germany


Apart from its World War II history, Germany is best known for its famous Oktoberfest. You’d really love traveling to this part of the world because of its beautiful sceneries, fairytale castles, lively party scenes and important historic sites. Through time, this country which is situated in the heart of Europe was able to maintain a powerful and stable economy. The following are some of the most preferred tourist destinations in this country:

The Romantic Rhine. This is actually one of the most famous sections of the Rhine and it runs from Koblenz to Bingen. The river carves its way through the steep vineyard-covered hills that are topped with numerous ruins and castles. Since time immemorial, this river plays an important role as a trade route in central Europe. Through the years, small towns started to grow up along its banks. Although constrained in size, many old towns still retain its historic feel today.

Leipzig, the Largest City. Leipzig is popular for its rich arts and vibrant culture scene that has been shaped by the following renowned music composers: Felix Mendelssohn, Bach, and Richard Wagner. Tourists can enjoy several of Bach’s musical performances at the Saint Thomas Church. Bach served as a choir leader in this church and this is also the place where he now rests in peace.

The Rugen Island, the Largest Island in Germany. The Rugen Island is connected to the mainland through the Rugen Causeway and the Rugen Bridge. It’s packed with romantic seaside resorts, charming villas as well as beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to include going to the Rugen Island’s star attraction, Jasmund National Park. This park is very famous for its one-of-a-kind chalk cliffs that rise over the sea level by 528 feet or 161 meters.


The Cologne City. Cologne is part of the German Federal State, North Rhine-Westphalia. Apart from its pulsating array of tourist attractions, stellar arts, amazing culture scene and buzzing nightlife, this place is likewise packed with the most impressive landmarks like the stunning Gothic Church and the Cologne Cathedral


The Dresden City.It can be recalled that the Dresden has been brutally damaged because of the World War II bombings. But before such destruction, this place is popularly called the Jewel Box of Germany due to its abundant collection of spectacular art and architecture. It’s a good thing that this City has been restored to its former glory after so many years. The stunning Frauenkirche cathedral and other historic areas are a must to visit when you travel to this area.

Whilst in Germany, if you are looking for what you can do in Stuttgart, or what to do in wiesbaden, make sure you check out Military in Germany, primarily aimed at military people stationed in Stuttgart, but it can be useful for tourists too.

Check out wikipedia for more information on German tourist spots. 

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The Best Tourist Spots in Germany


The Lubeck, Baltic Seaport in Germany. Lubeck is part of Germany’s northern-most state, the Schleswig-Holstein. This place was established in 1143, and for several centuries, served as Hanseatic League’s capital seat. Lubeck City was the very first German territory that has been bombed and damaged during the war, but it was able to retain much of the German medieval architecture. Thus, many tourists still prefer to visit this place.


Heidelberg Old City. With numerous historic treasures such as the medieval Heidelberg Castle, Old Bridge, Knight St. George House, and Holy Spirit Church, no wonder Heidelberg City became one of the most popular tourist attractions. Haupstrasse, which is located at the heart of the City, is packed with numerous restaurants, pubs, art galleries, museums, markets, and shops that sell the following items: cuckoo clocks, beer steins, and German sausages. It’s time that you explore this wonderful City and get to know many fabulous and unique tourist spots.


Neuschwanstein Castle. True enough, this is the most photographed structure in the entire German country. The castle is even recorded as one of Europe’s most admired tourist destinations. It’s nestled among the spectacular exquisiteness of the Bavarian Alps in the vicinity of Fussen town. This fairy-tale castle inspired the creation of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. If you’re fond of watching Walt Disney movies when you were a kid, you’ll be able to imagine the looks of this castle.


Munich, the Origin of the Oktoberfest. You should never leave Germany without first visiting the best tourist spots in Munich. It has the greatest cultural scene and is home to many sophisticated opera houses as well as theaters such as the National Theatre. Most people describe this City as an attractive blend of both modern and classic architecture. You can see lots of teeming historical churches, royal palaces, medieval walls, the best nightlife venues and lots of bustling shopping centers.


Berlin, the Capital City of Germany. Records show that Berlin is extensively rooted in the World War II history. In fact the Berlin Wall is considered as the barrier or dividing wall between East and West Germany during the Cold War. This historic wall was brought down in 1989, and since then Berlin became a vast and unified city that is diverse in ethnic classifications and abundant museums, sightseeing attractions, culture, sports, and nightlife.

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Traveling to Germany will let you see how wonderful this place is. It’s people are fun and loving and they treat each and every tourist with respect.

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What to See in Paris, France


For obvious reasons, people from all over the world flock to Paris, France. The city is one of the most populated centers in Europe with over twelve million inhabitants. In fact, Paris is known as a significant settlement for over 2 millennia and a foremost center for learning and arts in the Western world. Paris became the focal center for many historical political events which include the French revolution. Currently, Paris is the world’s leading cultural and business center. Its political influence when it comes to entertainment, education, science, media, fashion and arts contributes to its overall status as a major city in the world.

The Arc de Triomphe. One very obvious entry in the list of tourist attractions in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe. It’s an iconic landmark. Tourists cannot miss this spot since it’s the first thing to view before entering the City. Additionally, if you wish to get a good view of Paris, all you have to do is to go to the topmost part of the Arc de Triomphe.

The Arenes de Lutece. This place was tucked within the cramped modern streets but it’s still one of the finest places for many tourists to visit. Needless to say, this one of a kind Roman amphitheatre is certainly worth visiting.

The Avenue des Champs Elysees. While it is true that walking through the Avenue des Champs is considered as a given for many tourists who wish to stay in Paris, still, you should include this as part of the most significant activities that you should do when you visit the City. There’s quite a lot of things to do here. You may shop through the Arc de Triomphe, stand at the topmost part of the Champs, and take a photo of its historical remains.

The Basilica of St. Denis. Most people think that this Basilica is frequently overlooked by many visitors since it was overshadowed by Notre Dame. However, this is where the French royalty has been laid to rest. Despite the destruction that happened during the Revolution, the royal necropolis can still be viewed up to the present. If you want to view one of Paris’ most stunning architectures, then the Basilica is definitely worth visiting.

Chateau de Malmaison. The Chateau is Napoleon Bonaparte’s home and is one of the most well known grand houses in Paris, France. It contains impressive collections as well as a deep sense of history. Visit this wonderful Parisian heritage and experience the best in this City.

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Spain, the Most Loved Tourist Destination


Holidays are here again and millions of people are planning to go overseas and enjoy the best tourist spots. If you haven’t decided where you spend your vacation, it’s best that you consider the following scenic spots that are being offered by Spain. With warm and loving people and the best climate, you will certainly agree that staying in this part of the world even for a few days will certainly provide the relaxation and the finest vacation that anybody has always wanted.

Navarra’s Pamplona

Every 6th to 14th of July, the city of Pamplona in Navarra, Spain holds its San Fermin festival. Part of this outstanding festival is El Encierro, or also known as the Running of the Bulls. If you love adventure, running, huge crowd, and exhilaration, this is one of the places that you should visit. Why? Well, you’ll definitely love running and avoiding a dozen of bulls that are on the streets of the town. It’s crazy but highly enjoyable!


You want to see something that could mesmerize you, something that could linger in your mind for the rest of your life? Go to Valencia. It is among Spain’s most relevant cities, and it can be found in the east part of this great nation.

What makes Valencia stunning? It’s the absolutely beautiful City of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Fallas Festival. Once you’ve seen the architectural masterpieces in the City of Arts and Sciences, you may find it difficult to blink, even once.

La Concha

La Concha can be found in San Sebastian and it is claimed by several individuals, particularly by those who visit Spain multiple times a year, that it harbors the finest beach spots in Europe. If you’re a certified beach enthusiast, do everything to go to Spain.

Among the features that makes La Concha in-demand is the fact that it is well safeguarded from strong winds. Thanks to the islands and steep cliffs that surround La Concha. Enticing views, energetic surfing spots, and diverse restaurants, La Concha can provide it. What else can you ask for? La Concha is an excellent escapade package!


So what makes Seville as one of the finest tourist havens in Southern Spain? First and foremost, it boasts noteworthy tourist attractions, as well as lively festivals. To top those, Seville also features a buzzing nightlife. Known as the capital of Andalusia, it is also popular as cultural and financial capital of the region. Still think it’s boring? Check this out.

Seville harbors interesting and relevant historic landmarks, and one example is Cathedral of Seville. This place is believed to be where Christopher Columbus is buried.

These are just examples of charismatic tourist havens in Spain, and there are a lot more.


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